National Center for Agricultural Research and Extension


National Center for Agricultural Research and Extension

General Information

The establishment of NCARTT goes back to the last 50's when the Department of Research and Extension was created. In the mid 80’s, reformulated to become “The National center for Agricultural Research and Technology Transfer”.

It was in charge of conducting applied Research at the national level. A few years later (1993) NCARTT became a semi-antonymous institution with administrative and financial independence.



NCARTT has good relationships with many regional and international institution, such as the world bank, the European Commission, United Nations Development Project, FAO, USAID, German Technical Corporation (GTZ), International Development and Research Center (IDRC), ICARDA, ACSAD, AARINNA, Arab Fund For Economic and Social Development (AFESD), Arab Organization for Agricultural Development, and many others.



NCARTT consists of a main headquarter located at Al-Hussein Agricultural Experiment Station at Balqa'a and other Regional Centers in Deir Alla, Ramtha, Khaldieh, Mushaqar, Rabba, Shoubak .. etc.



NCARTT operates 12 research stations representing different agro-ecological conditions in Jordan as follow:

- Technology Transfer Directorate.

- Personnel Development , Training, and Information Directorate.

- Information Directorate.

- Laboratories Directorate.

- Seed Technology unit.

- Library.


- Researches Program's:

o Agricultural Irrigated Research Program

o Agricultural Rainfall Research program

o Water Management and Environmental program

o Livestock program

o Social and Economic Studies program

o Integrated Pest program

o Biodiversity, Genetic Resources and Medical Plants program

o Olive program

o Low Rainfall program


- Working Projects:

o Improving Barley Production and Enhancing its Use/ Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development (AFESD)

o Herbal and Medicinal Plants / United Nations Development Program(GEF)

o Rainfed Agriculture(ACSAD)

o Farmer's Participation in Barley Breeding / International Development Research Center (IDRC)

o Seed Multiplication (locally Funded)

o Fertigation (Locally Funded)

o Integrated Pest Program

o Establishing Experimental Sites to Improve Treated Wastewater Quality(AFESD)

o Horticultural Export Promotion and Technology Transfer (World Bank)

o Mapping Adaptation of Barley (European Union) Hydroponics Production of High Quality Vegetables (European Union)

o Honey – bees projects

o Improving Bee Production (Locally Funded)

o Comparing the Efficiency of Native and Domestic Bees In The pollination of field and Orchard Crops (GTZ)

o Evaluation of Bee Farms (France)

o Improvement of Irrigation Water Management in Lebanon and Jordan (European commission)

o Usage Of Information Systems For Irrigated Water Management In Jordan and the Middle east (USAID)

o International Cooperation Project in Water Management and Remote Sensing (European commission)

o Integrated Management For Natural Resources for anti-desertification

o Danish Regional Cooperation Project (Denmark)

o Gray Water Use in Agriculture (Locally Funded)

o Studying the Effect of Using Wastewater On the Physical Quality of Soil and Productivity of Selected Crops (Locally Funded)

o Environmental Control Project (Locally Funded)

o Pioneer Project for Transfer of Integrated Packages on Citrus Crops (Locally Funded)

o Usage of Saline Water in Agriculture (Locally Funded)

o GIS and Remote Sensing Lab

o Irrigated Management Information System (world bank)

o Improve Management Tools For Water (Limited Irrigation / European Commission)

o Treatment and Reuse of Wastewater In Agricultural Production (USAID)

o Middle East Regional Agriculture Program (Dry Land / Saline Water /Denmark)


- Mandate:

NCARTT is mandated to conduct and/or coordinate applied agricultural research and transfer of technology activities at the national level in collaboration with public and private agricultural institutions.


NCARTT ‘s mandate also provides for the identification, testing, transfer and adoption of improved technologies.


- General Goals of NCARTT:

o Employ the results of agriculture research developed locally or adopted from other sources to increase agricultural production in both plant and livestock areas.

o Improve and enhance agricultural production.

o Conserve the agricultural national resources and optimize their utilization.

o Support agricultural development activities.

o Promote farming systems on environmentally sound basis.



- Responsibilities:


o Prepare agricultural research plans and programs that support the objectives of agricultural policy charter.

o Develop / Adapt agricultural technology appropriate for local conditions and coordinate agricultural research and technology transfer activities.

o Adopt and transfer adapted or locally developed agricultural technologies and disseminate to agricultural extension agents or farmers, follow up on their adoption by farmers in cooperation with concerned organizations, and provide agricultural extension with proper technical information.

o Develop the skills of agricultural specialists, extension agents, and technicians working in the agricultural sector through training, specialized courses, conferences, and workshops.

o Conduct economic studies on farm production systems and agricultural projects, and evaluate the effect of various social, and economical factors on the agricultural sector.

Collaborate with local, Arabic, regional and international institutions and organizations implementing research programs, agricultural services and consultations.

Contact Information

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  • Amman, Al-Baqa, Rajab Al-Selebi street, opposite the Satellite Station, Building No. 2
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